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✓ What do you need to be even more successful as a photographer?
✓ Is it time for a recap to find out what that next step should be?
✓ Do you need someone to bounce ideas around with to find out what suits you best?

During the coaching sessions you get my full attention on how you can grow in your profession as a photographer and how to develop your own business.

I create unique coaching sessions based on every individual’s special needs.

Common challenges:

  • Find more assignments

  • Reach out to new customers

  • How to maintain customer loyalty

  • Strategy for sales and marketing

  • Different choices - What is best for you? Own business or employed? Agent or not?

  • How to maintain and build great cooperation with agents and customers

  • Charge enough for assignments

  • How to build and nurture your own brand

  • Define your needs for better communication

  • How to define and reach your goals

Special focus area coaching sessions:

  • Portfolio review - get feedback

  • Budget review - get feedback

  • Website - get feedback


Program: 3 months, 8 sessions SEK 10,000 (First month: every week. Second and third month: every other week.) To start with, I offer a free unconditional session for about 20 minutes to identify your needs. 

Special focus area coaching:

• 2 sessions: SEK 3,200

(All prices excl. VAT)

We meet online on Zoom or live in Stockholm. Each session is one (1) hour. Are you ready to make an appointment? Send an e-mail to


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