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I believe in the power of art and photography and I truly appreciate the craft of image making.

Team up with me as an artbuyer to discover the genuine benefit of the ability to cut the crap and find the hidden gems in a true cost- and time-efficient manner. On top of this, I also offer collaboration to strengthen your creative concept.


Steggo art buying + production, a hand-picked team, is here to support your production in any constellation. Whether it may be full production packages or single elements and whether it includes leading a production or collaborating with other production team. I am as comfortable working with print campaigns as with producing for new media platforms.


My 14-year career as a stylist has given me the opportunity to experience both sides of the coin. During this period of time I gained a greater understanding of the pain and dedication photographers and crew struggle with in order to deliver to brief. The years when being a stylist set fire to my love of image making!

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